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Meet Our Team

Working as an ensemble development team with our global client base for over 15 years, our founding coaches bring their professional expertise and collective team spirit to inspire our Transition Hub coaches throughout our accreditation process.

Louise Watts

Louise Watts


Leading our client partnerships globally, Louise is a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic transition into the future of work. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Louise is passionate about what can be achieved when we work collectively to transform the workforce of tomorrow.

Karen Wallace.jpg

Karen Wallace

Personal Development Coach

Karen is a highly regarded personal development coach, passionate about helping people build the right mindset needed to increase confidence and professional presence. Karen works with our Personal Brand and Wellbeing coaches to bring a holistic experience to our clients.


Alyson Standen

Presentation Coach

Alyson is a film director, professional actress and executive coach with a background in voice and theatre, working with our Performance and Communication coaches to enhance their presence, including physical and vocal energy and presentation skills.


Selina Baxby

Strengths Coach

Selina is our expert strengths coach, specialising in talent identification and strengths development. Selina works with our Strengths coaching team to integrate strengths, wellbeing and personal change into the Transition Hub experience.

Monique Dykstra.jpg

Monique Dykstra

Storytelling Coach

Monique is an actor and performer with deep expertise in storytelling and persuasion. Monique works with all Transition Hub coaches to inspire and embrace their improvisation, thinking on your feet and engagement skills.


Rachael Beck

Performance & Media Coach

Rachael is an award-winning actor, director & performance coach with a career in film, television and stage spanning over 30 years. Rachael supports people to find their confidence and presence, both in person and online.

Karen Thomas HPC.jpg

Karen Thomas


A gifted writer, facilitator and coach, Karen works with our clients to develop global transformation programs, crafting meaningful messages into positive training experiences. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Karen has created our signature playbook and coach training methodology.

Shannon Dolan.jpg

Shannon Dolan

Stage Presence Coach

Shannon specialises in stage presence and presentation skills, focusing on delivery and impact. Combining her corporate and theatrical experience, Shannon works with our Communication and Performance coaches to connect and engage with confidence.

Aimee Foster.jpg

Aimee Foster

Voice & Performance Coach

With a diverse background in performance and feature film development, Aimee works as a development coach, creative arts educator and voice-over artist, linking content with meaning. Aimee coaches our Personal Brand team to deliver with authenticity and clarity.

Josephine O’Reilly.jpg

Josephine O'Reilly

Communication Coach

Josephine is a performer, coach and trainer with extensive experience as a writer and director of comedy in Europe and the US. Igniting creativity, Jo brings her expertise to our Transition Hub coaches through regular masterclasses.

Sarah Fearnside.jpg

Sarah Fearnside

Development & Career Coach

Sarah draws on her leadership experience to encourage our Career team to draw on their personal experience and empathy, and her performance experience to guide our Personal Brand team to engage with confidence and presence.


Kate MacRae

Personal Brand Coach

Kate spent 20 years as a senior advertising executive before a diagnosis of a grade IV GBM brain tumour. Kate’s resilience and commitment to mindful living helped her to an uncommon recovery. Her unique blend of corporate and wellbeing experience positions her well to provide artful guidance around her biggest passion, brave leadership.

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