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Transition Hub has been featured in


Australian Financial Review - Boss Magazine:

Redundancy: Five Steps to Prepare You for the Worst

Being prepared for the possibility that you might be let go will give you a sense of control.

The Mandarin:

The changing role of city offices as more employees seek to work from home

Decision-makers will need to find innovative ways to strike a balance between flexible remote working and in-person arrangements.

Herald Sun

Jobs for Retirees: Senior Australians Head Back to Work

Louise Watts comments on the skills and preparation required for "silver boomerangs" returning to work.


Sydney Morning Herald:

The Pros & Cons of Job Hopping

The world of work is also changing, says Louise Watts, she believes job hopping will inevitably become a bigger trend, led by new attitudes towards careers and rapidly changing technology.

Marketing Mag

The future of work is human: WeWork and Transition Hub on partnerships and connections.

Marketing hears from leaders at WeWork and Transition Hub about their brand partnership and thoughts on the future of work.

Coaching Life:

The future of people focused

Louise Watts discusses the future of our work and of humanity abound as we move through this transitional industrial chapter. More specifically what might it mean for our particular profession, coaching and development.

Westpac Wire:

The battle for which days to WFH and the office

“I think as much as organisations would like to say, ‘let’s just return to the old normal’, many are trying their best to be open minded,” says Louise Watts.

The Skills Kids Will Need for the Future of Work

Kids starting school have a good chance of working in a job that is yet to be invented. But there are ways to learn skills now that will translate to a job later.

Body + Soul:

How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Dream Career That Pays the Bills

Now could be the perfect time to turn that hobby into something big. Louise Watts shares insights into becoming your own boss.

In the Black:

The Secret to Employee Retention 

Salary increases are important, but strong leadership will also help employers retain staff. Louise Watts shares her tips for keeping employees engaged.


Global Finance:

Reimagining The World Of Work

Innovations like AI and robotic automation are radically changing the workplace. But they are also changing the nature of work itself for the next generation.

The Law Society Journal

Virtually employed: The birth of online work experience.

Being prepared for the possibility that you might be let go will give you a sense of control.

Let us help you create the ultimate employee experience.

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