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Safety in Numbers: The Collective Experience

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

How Transition Hub is increasing psychological wellbeing through a collective experience.

There is such power in coming together, and the power of the collective is at the heart of the work we do at Transition Hub. We recognise that periods of career change can leave individuals vulnerable to low self-esteem, self-worth and motivation, and by engaging with others, we not only receive valuable insights into our own strengths, but are able to offer our skills and talents in exchange. Genuine trust and connection simply cannot be developed over a networking evening or an online exchange, and our 5-day program addresses the ‘real-time’ investment required to decompress from our day-to-day roles and engage with ourselves and others with a true sense of community. Offering our participants a welcoming place to gather is imperative, and while our cohorts are guided seamlessly through a journey of their own development and confidence building with a view to their next career steps, what happens in the background is an intricate network built through engagement between these talented individuals, all united by being in a shared stage of growth and shift. We may instinctively retreat to isolation in periods of uncertainty, but at the close of every one of our programs, the ongoing support and comradery within the cohorts continues to amaze us. After 5 days of challenges, learning and new experiences, each 30-person group has found support in one another and the beginnings of their next chapter. The journey of career transition will inevitably involve highs and lows, and for those in our cohorts who may find themselves feeling lower in confidence, unsure or unmotivated, there are countless points of support and outreach from both our professional coaching team and within the rest of the group – being able to uplift others at a time when you may not be certain of what the future holds has an immense benefit for your mindset and mood, and this magic is the undercurrent of the in-person experience that cannot be replicated with an e-learning portal. The collective mindset and inherent teamwork values of Transition Hub mean that our participants can step outside of their own minds, even just for a short time, to understand how they relate to their professional identity, and all of the skills and value that they can bring to others. We often see peer mentoring developing naturally within the week, as our cohort, regardless of age and profession, come together to learn about one another and take a genuine interest and care in what drives them as both people and professionals. A sense of purpose and alignment in what we do is critical for our holistic wellbeing, and this is best achieved within a community who may see strengths in you that you yourself cannot identify alone. These first steps into what comes next for your career are best taken together.


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