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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Presenting as a Team, Being a Team

There is a special satisfaction that comes from working in a team.

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves, experiencing the highs and lows together, supporting each other and learning to step up. Connection and communication become collaboration. This is the future of work.

Last week, we hosted Transition Hub in the beautiful setting of Bundanon Trust on the banks of the Shoalhaven River, NSW South Coast of Australia. A place of artistic inspiration from the landscape and indigenous culture, this environment has been captured in the works of Arthur Boyd and his family. 

Bundanon, ‘The Place’, is a gift to the Australian Public from the Boyd Family, and Bundanon ‘Reimagined’ is on its way to becoming a unique contemporary art museum of dramatic size and scale, that all Australians will be proud to share with our local and international visitors in the future.

Something changes when you step into nature to develop as a team.

The sense of teamwork is all around you, from the bees working together to pollinate the flowers to the birds flying in unison overhead. The days we spent with the Bundanon Trust Staff, were indeed a highlight for us all.

During every Transition Hub workshop, people find their rhythm, both personally and collectively. Activities are designed to evoke a sense of self, but more than that, an awareness of others. As people explore their own strengths and skills, there is a higher purpose at work, helping us understand how our individual qualities can bring light and shade to the team. To go a step further, becoming aware of what the team needs, and how we can support each other.

We always conclude Transition Hub with an opportunity to present as a team; a perfect metaphor for how to go forward.

Presenting as a team, showcases collaboration in action, as people bring their ideas together, simultaneously working on the stagecraft and teamwork required to present and perform.

Rising to the occasion, with an audience to perform for, is exhilarating for everyone. So often, it is the person who works behind the scenes, who steps forward and commands a new confidence, providing a joyous moment for the whole team and audience to cherish, often being ‘seen’ for the first time.

True teamwork is experienced through the eye contact with each other as well as the audience, the gesture of welcoming the next team member to speak, the attention paid whilst another team member is speaking … bringing together a performance that everyone is proud of.

These are the skills that bring ‘life to work’ leaving a profound impact, long after the development experience is over.

As the repeatable tasks become automated, let’s empower our teams to use their human skills, bringing support and awareness, confidence and communication to our working lives. 

Transition Hub will be in residence at Bundanon from mid-2021, facilitating team building, leadership development and ‘Reimagine Your Future’ weeks for corporates.

Follow the progress of the Bundanon Build at

Director & author bio: Leading our client partnerships globally, Louise Watts is a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic transition into the future of work. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Louise is passionate about what can be achieved when we work collectively to transform the workforce of tomorrow.


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