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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Leadership Impact in Action

Everyone has a leadership role to play during these complex times as we recalibrate and reimagine the future we need. You might be guiding your family, mentoring a team remotely, or motivating your friends to stay active and connected.

As we continue to make sense of our new world order, it’s natural to reflect on what we are truly missing. Something is begging the question… How do we manage ourselves during this transition? What is yearning for our attention? How can we better support each other to develop the skills and qualities we need for the future of work?

Evidence tells us we can accelerate our learning, improve our performance, and secure our wellbeing when we come together as a group.

This is the lesson we continue to learn from Transition Hub.  

By creating a strong sense of community, it is the feeling of connection that welcomes anyone in career transition to learn, laugh and lead together.

‘In this together’ during Foundation Week, we explore what strengthens you and what gets in the way of your potential, whilst having the time to provide the practical tools and steps to bridge the gaps. What continues to emerge is that the gap is never large, but the confidence to bridge it is never built in isolation.

It is exciting to see people explore, ‘how can I step into the possibility of becoming the greatest version of myself?’

Fast forward to Day 4 of the program and the themes around ‘Future You’ are ready to be embraced and they seem to unfold with such clarity and conviction.  

That is the magic that happens when you unleash a collective energy over a sustained period.  Day after day, individuals reconnect with their talents and reclaim a renewed sense of confidence. 

So how do we embody the greatest version of ourselves and safely navigate this time of transition, seeing ourselves as a leader in action?

As they say, ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’ … we’ve heard it many times.

One thing is certain, it takes courage, patience, perseverance, and unwavering self-belief to bring about the change you desire. And these are the essential qualities you learn at Transition Hub.

Let’s talk straight:

·        Be you. The world needs YOU. Share your authentic presence

·        Embed daily rituals and be intentional and mindful about how you show up

·        Align your actions and decisions based on your own set of core values

·        Reframe your language. Change the story you tell and believe about yourself

·        Remain curious. Let go of the beliefs and mental models that do not serve you

·        Embrace opportunities to apply your strengths in work and life

·        Prioritise self-care, manage your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

·        Raise your self-awareness to regain perspective. What’s working and what’s not?

·        Enjoy the pause. Acknowledge and appreciate your little and big wins along the way

·        Engage an inner circle, surround yourself with mentors and a support crew

As the world around us recalibrates and transforms, we too are called to transform. 

Let’s change the narrative and uplift the spirit of humanity and reimagine the future together.

We’ve got this – join us at Transition Hub.

Coach & author bio: Nicole Toohey is a strategic thought-leader, Transition Hub Communication coach and mentor who catalyses change and transformation across large and complex organisations. Nicole is passionate about social change and conscious leadership.


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