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A World in Transition: Insights from Transition Hub - Future You

One of the many benefits of undertaking Transition Hub’s ‘Reimagine Your Future’ program is the curated journey that carefully guides your flow of thoughts and ideas over the course of a week. 

The program starts with a process of self-reflection, allowing your ideas to flow without restriction to discover blue sky possibilities. The journey encourages you to align your values, strengths, and skills with future career pathways.

As described in our previous articles, Transition Hub constantly offers practical guidance to help you distill your big picture thinking into tangible career options.

On day 4 of the program we invite you to undertake the “My next 3 years” session. 

It’s the time to calibrate all aspects of your ideal path and align it with what is realistically possible over the short term. 

The Transition Hub program gives you a strong lead into this session and keeps the momentum by giving you time with a peer coach to voice your plans. This approach is a chance to say thoughts out loud, and bounce ideas off a peer. It is a refreshing experience compared to sitting alone with your thoughts, getting too caught up in your own head.

You will also reciprocate this offering to your peer by taking on a buddy coach role. It’s a way to take your blue-sky vision, and home in on the next steps and potential skills you need to make it happen.

An example I have seen come out of this session is someone taking their role and skills into a different and more meaningful industry to them, which is more closely aligned to their values and passion. The unique combination of community, collaboration and creativity at Transition Hub helps you create achievable steps towards your ideal next move.  

Above all, generating momentum in your chosen direction is a gift to your future self.

To illustrate one of the many success stories, please enjoy this Future You interview…

A stay at home Dad, who transitioned back into a corporate role after 8 years, 4 countries and numerous roles that his wife was able to navigate.

What was your role/were your roles before attending Transition Hub?

After some time working in financial services, I had taken a long career break (8 years) to look after my two young children whilst my wife took on the main earning role in our family. I also returned to post graduate studies in data science during this period of being based at home for our children.

What brought you to Transition Hub?

I was a stay at home parent looking to transition back into the work force. It was challenging to overcome the biases that unfortunately can exist towards stay-at-home parents looking to return to the workforce. Networking within a corporate setting has also never been a strong focus for me and I was a little rusty. Transition Hub was a good fit for me to get the engines ready so to speak.

What was a highlight moment of the week for you?

That has got to be the impromptu group performance at the end of the week. People who started the week as strangers became friends. We all had a chance to showcase our skills but most of all it was just plain old good fun.

How did Transition Hub challenge you?

It made me think harder about how I am perceived and how to present myself.

What has changed for you professionally since your Foundation Week experience?

I have returned to work. I am now working for Deloitte Australia. During the interview process I made an effort to apply my learnings from the Foundation Week.

What is the most valuable aspect of Transition Hub for someone in a period of career change?

The Transition Hub is a fantastic grounding experience that can help you to identify your strengths and better understand how to effectively apply them in a real work setting. This results in improved confidence to pursue one’s transition goal.

What learnings from Transition Hub have you applied in your current work/life?

It gave me confidence in my job interviews.

I look at communications more critically now.

I am aware that I have a very analytical personality and need to ensure that I accommodate to work effectively with different personality traits to mine.

How would you now define yourself in a professional sense?

I am analytical, to the point, and enjoy delving into detail. I get a nerdy sense of pride in creating elegant and simple solutions to problems. Deliverables take my natural focus (as opposed to more esoteric strengths such as executive presence and networking etc.)

How would you describe Transition Hub to someone considering attending?

Life is busy. It’s a luxury to spend a week to reflect on yourself. It’s weirdly addictive. That may sound selfish but paraphrasing the captain on every commercial flight. “Put your mask on first because you are not able to look after others if you fall unconscious”.

What can organisations gain by giving their talent the opportunity to attend Transition Hub?

An enriched team with heightened soft skills that allow individuals to view and respond to people and opportunities in a renewed light

A proactive strategy towards resource management – bringing humanity back into the corporate setting.

Coach & author bio: An HPC Global & Transition Hub Development & Career Coach, Sarah Fearnside draws on her leadership experience to encourage our Career team to draw on their personal experience and empathy, and her performance experience to guide our Personal Brand team to engage with confidence and presence.


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