High Performance Coaching Team

Working as an ensemble development team with our global client base for over 15 years, our founding coaches bring their professional expertise and collective team spirit to inspire our Transition Hub coaches throughout our accreditation process.

HPC Louise.jpg

Louise Watts


Leading our client partnerships globally, Louise is a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic transition into the future of work. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Louise is passionate about what can be achieved when we work collectively to transform the workforce of tomorrow.

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Holly Bartter

Creative & Operations Director

Holly manages our global operations for High Performance Coaching and Transition Hub, coordinating local and international assignments and overseeing our creative production and communication strategy.

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Karen Wallace

Personal Development Coach

Karen is a highly regarded personal development coach passionate about helping people build the right mindset needed to increase confidence, personal impact and professional presence. Karen works with our Personal Brand and Wellbeing coaches to bring a holistic experience to our clients.


Alyson Standen

Presentation Coach

Alyson is a film director, professional actress and executive coach with a background in voice and theatre, working with our Performance and Communication coaches to enhance their presence, including physical and vocal energy and presentation skills.


Selina Baxby

Strengths Coach

Selina is our expert strengths coach, specialising in talent identification and strengths development. Selina works with our Strengths coaching team to integrate strengths, wellbeing and personal change into the Transition Hub experience.

Monique Dykstra.jpg

Monique Dykstra

Storytelling Coach

Monique is an actor and performer with deep expertise in storytelling and persuasion. Monique works with all Transition Hub coaches to inspire and embrace their improvisation, thinking on your feet and engagement skills.

Karen Thomas HPC.jpg

Karen Thomas


A gifted writer, facilitator and coach, Karen works with our clients to develop global transformation programs, crafting meaningful messages into positive training experiences. As a co-founder and Director of Transition Hub, Karen has created our signature playbook and coach training methodology.


Carole Berndt

Strategic Advisor

Following a highly successful global career in financial services, Carole is a keynote speaker and board member focusing on business strategy and growth. A passionate advocate for empowering people, Carole is head of our Transition Hub Advisory Board.

Shannon Dolan.jpg

Shannon Dolan

Stage Presence Coach

Shannon specialises in stage presence and presentation skills, focusing on delivery and impact. Combining her corporate and theatrical experience, Shannon works with our Communication and Performance coaches to connect and engage with confidence.

Aimee Foster.jpg

Aimee Foster

Voice & Performance Coach

With a diverse background in performance and feature film development, Aimee works as a development coach, creative arts educator and voice-over artist, linking content with meaning. Aimee coaches our Personal Brand team to deliver with authenticity and clarity.

Josephine O’Reilly.jpg

Josephine O'Reilly

Communication Coach

Josephine is a performer, coach and trainer with extensive experience as a writer and director of comedy in Europe and the US. Igniting creativity, Jo brings her expertise to our Transition Hub coaches through regular masterclasses.

Sarah Fearnside.jpg

Sarah Fearnside

Development & Career Coach

Sarah draws on her leadership experience to encourage our Career team to draw on their personal experience and empathy, and her performance experience to guide our Personal Brand team to engage with confidence and presence.

Transition Hub Coaches


Aksheeta Patel

Career Coach

Aksheeta is a high-energy senior marketing and sales leader with over 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has a deep passion for creating and building high-performance teams and mentoring others. 


Anna Reznik

Wellbeing Coach

Anna is a psychologist and coach with a background in mental health. She focuses on building resilience skills in clients and helping to transition through change. 


Andrew Macdonald

Career Coach

Andrew is an accomplished human resources executive and a sought-after consultant working behind the scenes in some of the country’s most progressive and successful organisations.


Annemarie Kanturek

Career Coach

Annemarie is a senior transformational change, organisation development and business improvement management consultant, who takes a pragmatic, creative and holistic approach to her role.


Bernadette Arena

Personal Brand Coach

Bernadette specialises in oncology yoga and other gentle practices to support people going through illness and life transition. She brings a natural sense of jot and healing to her work.


Claudia Chambers

Performance Coach

Claudia's background is in performance and coaching. She is a qualified teacher with a Masters in Coaching Psychology and 20 years experience in training and facilitation. Claudia is also a professional musician. 


Dean Mumm

Personal Brand Coach

Dean is a former Wallaby and Captain of the the Australian Rugby team. His successful transition from elite sport into corporate gives him a unique understanding of the inherent challenges of career change.


Eryk Korfel

Communication Coach

Eryk is a human centred design advocate with 10 years of project delivery in the finance industry and brings his passion for discovering and exploring solutions to his role.


Frances Loughrey

Wellbeing Coach

Frances believes we need to manage life transitions proactively. She brings her extensive experience as a writer and facilitator of concepts including gratitude and emotional regulation.


Jacqueline Clark

Career Coach

With a passion for developing people, and experience across a diverse range of private and public sector businesses, Jacqui brings a depth of experience and empathy to her coaching engagements. 


James Zhang

Communication Coach

James’ passion lies in helping people find their unique voice and confidence. His commitment to building and development others is a direct response to the many people who believed and invested in him.


John Eussen

Personal Brand Coach

John is a highly-respected figurehead in the design industry, and with more than 25 years of corporate experience, he brings a defined understanding of image and personal branding to his role.


Judy King

Wellbeing Coach

Judy balances her expertise as an international fitness instructor with her passion for coaching and training to assist others to make positive changes in their lives.


Louise Walker

Wellbeing Coach

Louise is a developmental coach, speaker and retreat facilitator. She leverages her expertise as a yoga and meditation leader to work with individuals in periods of change in their careers and personal lives.


Martin Silva

Wellbeing Coach

With well over a decade of experience under his belt as a fitness coach and fitness competitor, Martin is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.


Morgan Webert

Personal Brand Coach

Morgan has over a decade of experience facilitating positive transformation as a mindset coach, counselor, and yoga teacher, delivering a holistic, humanistic and strategic approach to personal growth. 


Nicole Toohey

Communication Coach

Nicole is a strategic thought-leader, coach and mentor who catalyses change and transformation across large and complex organisations. Nicole is passionate about social change and conscious leadership.


Pedro Leung

Personal Brand Coach

Pedro is an IT leader with 20 years of international experience. He is passionate about coaching people in transition to help them navigate change and fulfill their potential.


Sandra Popovic 

Career Coach

Sandra leverages her experience in both start-up and corporate spheres to offer a unique understanding of career change in the future of work and the vast array of opportunities that abound.


Sascha Bondarenko

Personal Brand Coach

Having spent 10 years competing for Australia in both triathlon and cycling, Sascha successfully transitioned into the corporate world. He is a passionate coach whose drive inspires others to make positive career coaches.

Susanne Rauer - GAIA Coaching - Executiv

Susanne Rauer

Career Coach

An experienced coach and trainer, Susanne leverages her corporate and coaching background to facilitate self-awareness and persona insight as key foundations of career transition.


Victoria Jones

Personal Brand Coach

Victoria is passionate about helping people create healthier, happier lives, and brings a deep understanding of holistic wellbeing to her role. 


Allison Boyle

Communication Coach

Allison is an experienced mental health clinician, facilitator and trainer adept at delivering training and group facilitation, complementing her academic role with the University of Wollongong.


Andrew Butow

Personal Brand Coach

With over 15 years of personal, technological and organisational change experience, Andrew brings to his coaching an unwavering belief that everyone deserves a place in the future of work.


Anne Cotterell

Personal Brand Coach

Harnessing her extensive commercial and executive leadership experience, Anne specialises in supporting leaders, individuals and parents to cultivate their capacity for generative transformation.


Ben Saravia

Wellbeing Coach

Ben is a wellbeing coach and documentary producer with over 10 years industry experience in health and resilience. He is the creator of Transition Hub's signature movement session, MindBodyFlow.


Cian McEnroe

Personal Brand Coach

Cian leverages his background as a psychotherapist and leadership consultant to help people develop a strong personal brand. He describes his TH experience as “a major positive turning point in his career.”


Craig Arnold

Wellbeing Coach

As the Director of Core9 Fitness, Craig has an innate understanding of wellbeing, guiding our cohorts to make positive wellness choices during their time of change.


Dominic Murphy

Communication Coach

Dominic is an entrepreneurial data scientist and analytics professional with over 15 years of experience. He brings his skills of identifying areas of improvement and facilitating strategies to his role.


Eugene McGarrell

Career Coach

Eugene is an experienced health and social sector executive, working with local businesses, community groups and government to create opportunities for people to thrive.


Glin Bayley

Communication Coach

Glin is a heart-centred leader, coach and a strong advocate for wellbeing. She has a talent for connecting people to their purpose and creating the momentum for change.


Jaime Laird

Wellbeing Coach

Jaime draws on her experience as a corporate yoga and meditation teacher, offering mindfulness training to improve overall health, energy and engagement. 


Jason Montgomery

Performance Coach

Jason is a professional actor, presenter and Director of Trivia Master Australia. He believes strongly in finding parallels between performance and inspirational leadership communication.


Jon Unal

Wellbeing Coach

Jon is an experienced mindfulness trainer, mindset & performance coach and psychotherapist, who supports organisations to enhance employee wellness and engagement.


Kate MacRae

Personal Brand Coach

Kate spent 20 years as a senior advertising executive before a  diagnosis of a grade IV GBM brain tumour. After 2 surgeries, Kate’s resilience and commitment to mindful living helped her to an uncommon recovery. 


Margie Braunstein

Communication Coach

Margie educates, motivates and inspires people to find meaning in their lives and work. A facilitator and coach, Margie's career spans over 30 years in personal development, adult education and psychotherapy.


Miranda Murray

Wellbeing Coach

With her strong background in supporting people to thrive through challenging times, Miranda brings care, compassion and a holistic approach to health and wellbeing as a pivotal focus around everything she does.  


Nicola Berridge

Personal Brand Coach

Nicola's expertise spans executive leadership, talent development, performance management and business transformation, bringing a dynamic understanding of the corporate space to her role.


Ozlem Beldan

Career Coach

Ozlem is dedicated to optimising human potential by creating safe spaces for people to grow and contribute in the workplace, driving positive outcomes for people and organisations.


Sam McCool

Performance Coach

Sam’s passion for comedy and public speaking has allowed him to travel the world. He brings a stage-ready energy, presence and understanding of audience engagement to help others tap into their creativity.


Sarah Norton

Communication Coach

Sarah has over twenty years international experience in communications across corporate and government organisations. She is also an active visual artist and photographer.


Simon MacRae

Communication Coach

Simon is a commercial film director with over 25 years experience. He delivers keynotes and training to help creative professionals communicate authentically and get their ideas on screen.


Tamika Dwight-Scott

Wellbeing Coach

Tamika offers a wealth of experience and knowledge as a Gestalt psychotherapist, facilitator and trainer. Her work uses an integrated approach to supporting her clients through challenging periods in their life.