In partnership with WeWork, Industry-wide Transition Hub launches in Barangaroo August 2021.


With a focus on accelerating top talent through professional development, this unique industry collaboration is designed to help organisations welcome people back to the workplace with a purposeful investment in upskilling and collaboration.


Industry-wide Transition Hub brings diverse cohorts of cross-industry leaders together for a dynamic development week to enhance personal impact, communication, leadership and wellbeing.

Sponsoring organisations will lead the way with their commitment to helping leaders upskill, navigate change and inspire their teams to embrace new ways of working and learning.


Participating leaders gain 3 months ‘on demand’ membership across all WeWork locations offering the benefit of a hybrid workspace.


5 expert coaches | 30 committed leaders | 5 immersive days

Become a change-maker with T-Hub


Let’s have a chat about how Transition Hub can help your organisation reach its future of work goals.


Call: 1300 407 688

personal leadership​

  • Developing Presence

  • Personal Impact

  • Professional Brand

  • Authenticity

skills for change

  • Accelerating Your Career

  • Thinking on Your Feet

  • Activating Your Interpersonal Skills

  • Positive Mindset and Wellbeing

inspiring confidence

  • Storytelling

  • Presentation Skills

  • Pitch Confidence

  • T-Hub Ecosystem

identifying my strengths

  • Values, Strengths and Skills

  • Psychology of Change

  • Positioning and Networking

  • Power of Possibility

future you

  • Leadership Impact in Action

  • Getting Social

  • Video Skills

  • Future of Work Roundtables