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Create a shared experience that brings together top performers and platinum clients to learn, innovate and deepen relationships on a global scale.

Company Background: 

A top tier global financial services firm headquartered in the USA with operations and clients across Asia, EMEA, North America and LATAM. In 2008, in the midst of the global financial crisis, we were requested by the Global Head of Client Delivery to develop a shared learning experience that brought together top performers and platinum clients to deepen relationships on a global scale.  

Key Business Challenge: 

How do we understand the needs and concerns of our most important clients and consolidate our relationship for the future?

The Back Story: 


Working closely with our client, we came up with a back of the envelope idea to elevate their client engagement strategy to a whole new level.  The GFC presented tight restrictions for client engagement and as an additional consequence, most customer organisations had cut all spend on professional development. The goal was to create a 1-day experience that blended learning and development with client relationship management. This unique client engagement experience was born with a 2-part focus:

Part 1: A series of fast-paced workshops focused on communication, collaboration and shared learning for employees and platinum clients.  

Part 2: Roundtable discussions hosted by high performers to activate conversations with clients about their needs, concerns and ideas for deepening the relationship.

Outcomes Achieved:

The program was highly successful and went on to become the leading client engagement strategy for Client Delivery globally. Over 6 years, our teams of coaches delivered it in 25 countries, providing 1500 high-performing employees and Platinum clients with upskilling, co-creation of innovative ideas and deeper relationships.

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